from a dream to reality...       

As someone who always enjoyed recreating his favorite products at home, Brian tried many different methods of creating nut butters but nothing seemed to work as well as hoped. Upon researching further, the idea of stone grinding was discovered, so the next purchase was a small table top stone grinder to experiment. It was expensive, but immediately it was realized that this was the best way to make creamy smooth delectable nut and seed butters.  The butters created with this were so popular that the little table top stone grinder could no longer keep up. So in 2013 a commercial sized grinder purchase became necessary and the business went from part time to full time.


Stone grinding keeps the temperature and friction low to maintain nutrition. Typical commercial butters are made with large machines that use blades to cut the nuts down. This creates a lot of heat and oxidation which can destroy nutrients and damage the delicate oils and amino acids. Stone grinding crushes the nuts rather than cut them and this preserves the nutrients and breaks down the cells without damage to maximize nutrient absorption by the body and ensures the oils stay fresh and do not go rancid. 


The quality, care, and attention that started this journey is still present in every batch created. It's still made in small batches and never mass produced.  If you value quality, nutrition, and taste then you will truly enjoy Better Butters so get a jar and see for yourself the taste difference that small batch stone ground makes.