Fortified Nutritional Yeast (w/B12)

Fortified Nutritional Yeast (w/B12)


Origin: US


Nutritional Yeast contains an average of 50% protein by weight.

Nutritional Yeast is also a rich source of B-complex vitamins that are important for normal and healthy body functions.

Thiamin - 670% DV,
Niacin – 290% DV
Folate – 250% DV
Zinc - 20% DV
Iron - 4% DV
Riboflavin - 590% DV
Vitamin B6 - 480% DV
Vitamin B12 - 130% DV

Ingredients: Dried yeast, niacin(B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride(B6), thiamine hydrochloride(B1), riboflavin(B2), folic acid, cyanocobalamin(B12)