No GMO's, preservatives or Refined Sugars

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Why choose organic and natural ingredients? Well, the list of man made chemicals in our food and environment is growing exponentially.  Newborn babies are shown to have hundreds of these chemicals from the day they are born passed down from mother to child. We do not feel that this is leading to a healthy population.


Beneficial insects are dropping in numbers and our soil microbiome is becoming sterilized.  The consequences of this has not been fully realized yet. At AW Organics we strive to use ingredients that have been certified Organic. Currently, we have not certified our products as organic yet but most of our products contain only organic ingredients with a few exceptions as we have found it hard to source everything organic at a price people can afford.

Why we leave out the extra junk.

Chocolate and nuts are superfoods and powerhouses of nutrients. They are also very tasty on their own. There is no reason to add any other junk to the products.


GMO's are becoming ever prevalent in our food system and are most commonly strains that are chemical resistant leading to higher levels of chemicals in the environment. This causes imbalances in the environment with insects and microbes being affected the most. They are also unproven to our own health.


Preservatives can prolong shelf life but they are also not great for our body with some of them being considered carcinogenic and they also can prevent breakdown of nutrients within our bodies. 


Refined sugars are the likely cause of the growing obesity and disease problem in our society. The only sweeteners we use in our products are dates or coconut blossom sugar. Both of these sweeteners are low glycemic so do not spike blood sugar as much as other sugars. They are also lower in fructose. Fructose is processed by the body as a waste product and can contribute to fatty liver disease. They also both contain fibre and prebiotics like inulin that help feed our good gut bacteria keeping our digestive health strong.